Let our teeth-whitening process transform your smile to brilliant.


Everybody wants a bright, white, beautiful smile that gives them confidence wherever they go. All Valley Smiles has the expertise and materials to give you fast, easy, and exceptional results right in the comfort of your own home.

The process for custom teeth whitening is very simple and completely painless!

Here's how it's done in four easy steps:

An impression and custom mold is made - A quick impression is taken of your teeth and a custom-made mold is created from the impression that matches each one of your individual teeth perfectly. This is important, because the custom match ensures even and uniform whitening for even the smallest surfaces of each tooth. These custom molds are called "Bleaching Trays" and are fabricated right here in our office for you.

 A whitening agent is applied to the "Bleaching Trays" - PolaDay CP 35% is used as the bleaching agent that can give you results of 3 to 4 shades lighter and whiter.

Want to speed up the process? A same-day jumpstart of 30 minutes can be provided in-office using your new custom Bleaching Trays right away.

Follow the instructions and apply your trays at home - The take home trays are easy to use and can be used as little as 15 minutes a day which can give you brighter and longer lasting results than traditional in-office bleaching!

Come to your follow-up visit - We will evaluate shade results after 2 to 4 weeks to ensure that you are happy with your bright, white, beautiful new smile!