We know how important your smile and oral health is. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality dental restoration available while ensuring you are comfortable throughout the process.


Crowns & Fillings

Crowns and fillings are a type of restorative dentistry where we treat tooth decay, cavities, and other problems that have damaged the tooth. Our goal is to:

  • Remove all decay from the tooth
  • Repair any damage to the tooth
  • Restore the tooth to full function

At All Valley Smiles, we want you to have a lasting, beautiful, confident smile. So we offer the latest technology and dental science techniques that will minimize the impact to your tooth. We also offer the option for tooth-colored fillings and porcelain crowns. This means that your dental work will be nearly invisible!

inhalation Sedation Dentistry

If you need to see the dentist but are afraid of dental procedures, don’t avoid coming in. Instead, ask us about inhalation sedation dentistry to help you relax. It is a simple procedure where you breathe in a small amount of sedating gas, which is simple and completely painless!

Composite filling quality

All Valley Smiles strives to perform dental work to only the highest standards. We believe that when we do dental restoration, we should use only the highest quality materials available for your crowns and fillings to ensure you have a beautiful smile and a restoration that lasts year after year. Even better, the high quality material we use comes at no additional cost to you!