Advances in cosmetic dentistry technology and techniques allow denture wearing patients to have smiles as beautiful and natural as the real thing.



With the continuing advancement of cosmetic dentistry technology and techniques, patients are now more able than ever to have beautiful, natural, confident smiles. The same advances in technology are now available to denture wearers.

We will start the process of creating your new smile by taking digital x-ray images and photographs. We will also provide you with accurate estimates for your investment as well how much time will be required to complete your treatment.

Using new, life-like porcelain and composite technology, these artificial teeth mimic and improve upon natural teeth. What makes a modern, “cosmetic” denture different from a standard denture?

4 Keys to Successful Dentures:
Tooth Size and Shape – Does the tooth size complement the face? Do the shapes of the teeth match the patient’s desires?

Tooth and Gum Color – Natural, yet cosmetic. A cheaper denture just looks fake. Quality denture teeth have a variety of shades in place for an enhanced appearance.

Tooth Position – How are the teeth oriented? This is the big one. Do the teeth show too much or too little? Are the teeth set so the jaws are too close together? Are the positions of the teeth comfortable? This is what really takes a skilled dentist’s time to determine and get correct. This step is what separates an average denture from a great one.

Fit of the Denture to the Mouth – How does the denture fit? Modern materials can take a very accurate recording of the mouth. The denture should fit the mouth precisely. In some cases, due to the shape of the mouth or excessive bone loss, the denture fit will be mediocre at best. In these cases, dental implants should be considered.