All Valley Smiles believes that you should have a personal relationship with your dentist. And not just any dentist. 'The' dentist. The one who owns the dental practice. We believe dentistry should be all about YOU.


So what sets All Valley Smiles apart? Here are just a few things:

  • We don't do corporate, factory assembly line dentistry. Our patients are not numbers. They are not parts of a machine moved down an assembly line. Our patients are valued members of our family. We get to know each patient individually, answer any questions they have thoroughly, and understand their unique needs and concerns. Our office is about - and customized for - the individual patient: private evaluation and treatment rooms, a private X-ray room, private patient in-chair HD TV's, individualized care, and the complete attention of the dentist who owns the practice. That is what All Valley Smiles is all about.
  • We are family owned. We are not governed by a board of directors or group of dentists that live in another state. Our practice is managed - in our practice. By professionals who live in the same city you do. Our Practice Administrator is the husband of Dr. Botello. Together, as a couple and as a professional team, they listen to each patient personally and individually to create a practice that meets their every need with the highest standards of care and personalization.
  • We only have one dentist - the owner of the practice. At All Valley Smiles you know which dentist you are going to see - Dr. Elizabeth Botello. As the owner of the practice, she performs only the highest quality dental work for each patient and uses only the highest quality equipment, dental techniques, and materials to ensure you have the healthiest gums and teeth possible.
  • We believe in quality over quantity. We make sure that when we have a patient scheduled in our office, that they are the center of our attention. We only book appointments by limited blocks, which means that when you come to our office, there are no distractions and no other priorities. There is no other focus than you.
  • You get the most from you dental benefits. Whether you have private dental insurance or Medicaid (DentaQuest, MCNA, TMHP, or Chip), why settle for anything less than the highest standards of dental care, private evaluation and treatment rooms, personal entertainment, and individualized attention and service? All at no additional cost to you.
  • We refer to only the best, most talented specialists in Brownsville and Harlingen - not in-house employees. If we need to refer a patient out for treatment, we do not have a vested financial interest in sending you to an in-house specialist that may not be the best, most highly trained and experienced specialist for you and your family. Our office only refers to the best and most highly trained specialists - that own their offices - to ensure the highest standards of patient care and treatment. As part of our family, we take care of our patients and put their interests first.
  • Convenience. All Valley Smiles opened its doors with one primary goal in mind: to provide high quality dental care that is fast and comfortable around a schedule that is convenient for you. And not only that, but we are located next to a large pediatric office, Boys and Girls Pediatric Clinic, as well as a general practitioner office, Del Mar Medical Clinic. There is also a privately owned pharmacy next door, as well as a CVS across the parking lot for your convenience should our office need to write you a prescription.