All Valley Smiles loves treating kids of all ages. Whether they want to watch their favorite TV show in-chair or play the latest Playstation 4 video games in our lobby, there is no doubt they will enjoy their dental experience.


Our office is all about family, and we know how important our children are. Making sure that our kids have healthy gums and teeth is an important part of their overall health. We see kids from 6 months and older and understand their unique perspectives as children.

Our experienced staff of gentle, kind, and compassionate professionals helps kids day-in and day-out have the oral healthcare they deserve as well as have confident, beautiful smiles that they can be proud of.

For children that are anxious about their visit, we offer Inhalation Sedation Dentistry to make their visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

We also understand that having family with them in the treatment room goes a long way to making them feel calm and relaxed. That is why we allow parents to sit in the treatment room with their child(ren) during all stages of their dental visit.